Brandtex Group is an unparallel clothing sourcing company strictly adhering to international standard of quality garments. It has been rendering widespread buying, sourcing, producing & product development service for all apparel buyers since its inceptions. It is a one stop buying management house ensuring world class quality products as well as arranging product of garments of all kind & ranges with quick turnaround. Brandtex Group is run by highly experienced and efficient management having a well equipped structural facilities with excellent professional service to meet the needs & expectation of international apparel’s customers.

Brandtex Group having a set of well organized garments factory based in Bangladesh is capable of manufacturing and arranging of garments.

Brandtex Group has owned Cotton Cloud Garments which is a well equipped manufacturing factory producing various kinds of knitwear's such as T-Shirts, Polo Shirts, leggins, Shorts, Underwear, Panties, Nightwear, and so on for men, ladies and children based on principle of reliability and quality for clients of all over the world.

We believe in honesty, integrity, hard working attitude, faith and mutual co-operation. We produce, we earn , we help those who want to produce .We make available skills, learning and job opportunity to those who are ready and willing to produce and improve themselves and to those who wants to contribute in one way or another specially in their development , particularly in the development of our company and in general in development of our country.

Brandtex Group is committed to provide a world class quality garments while attaining the excellence in production and marketing with state of art workmanship, competitive price and quick turnaround.

We look forward to the coming days with determination to remain faithful to our customers/clients. May Allah guide us and help us in every step of our profession.

Yours sincerely
Managing Director & CEO